Thiago Sindra

Product Specialist, Software Engineer, and Musician in San Carlos, CA

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I am a Brazilian born computer scientist living in the US.

Here goes a little about me:

I've been playing with computers since 1991 and have also loved playing and studying music since the age of 12. I enjoy reading (and buying) books as well as studying linguistics. I'm passionate about Cognitive Neuroscience, understanding how our brain works, and how people think. I'm also fascinated by history, psychology, philosophy, and cultural diversification, as well as genealogical research. I know, all of this is pretty strange, right?

Dream Theater is my favorite band, I like martial arts, and my favorite movies are the Bourne Trilogy. I can't live without a nice steak, ice cream, chocolate and specially coffee (mainly Starbucks). When I was younger, I dreamed about acting in film and being a director at least once in my life, and even wanted to become a professional basketball player.

Curiosities: "Thiago" is the Portuguese version of the name Jacob, which I use very often. My last name is actually Zinder (German from Switzerland), but a century ago someone misspelled it as Sindra.

If you asked me if I would like to change anything in my past I would definitely say no! I believe that we must always keep evolving. The mistakes I've made have taught me to value who I am today. I'll never be perfect, and no matter what I change in my past my human essence will lead me to different mistakes, so I prefer to just learn from them and move on.

For me, family relationships serve as a guide to show love and respect for all other people and things in life.

Some of my sayings are:

"Dream but execute; imagine but be realistic; persevere but don't be dumb; commit mistakes, but learn from them; listen but not only with your ears."

"Trying before failing is better than failing without trying. When that happens again you'll be better on resisting and avoiding pain."

"The best way to make your dreams come true is by making other people's dreams come true first."

"To become perfect, you don't have to avoid mistakes, but to seize every opportunity to learn from them."

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