Tom Layton

Washington, DC

I taught Navajos in Arizona, Yupik Eskimos in Alaska, Mexicans, H'Mông , Ethic Chinese, Lao, Vietnamese and an assortment students from a plethora of countries in Newberg & Eugene OR.

In 1978 I saw an Apple ][ computer and it changed my life. I waited until June of 1979 to buy my own Apple II+ (it had a floppy drive) . In 1984 I was selected as Electronic Learning Magazine's Educator of the Year. The following year, my students created the first high school yearbook on a CD and the year after that those same students founded SouthTECH, a student run multimedia production company. (Many of those students now work for companies like Pixar, Apple, & Intel, or have started their own tech based companies.) In 1994 I founded CyberSchool, the first World Wide Web based public high school distance learning program.

In 2001 I retired.

Since retirement I have been volunteering for the Center for Advanced Technology in Education (CATE) at the University of Oregon. We have been developing teacher training programs in Second Life.

However, my current passion is to replicate an online version of the SouthTECH program (mentioned above) in Second Life. We call it "Alice Academy for Young Entrepreneurs."

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    • MAT - Northern Arizona University