Thomas "thom" Kunz

Vienna, Austria

IT and #Enterprise #Architect with solid #technology and business #application background. #Cloud geek from the beginning. #Innovation enthusiast. #Digital native (born too early ;)). Connector of #businesses and humans!

25+ years of IT and technology experience as a project manager, manager, workshop facilitator, technical sales, architect and IT strategy consultant. Focus on SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, mobility, data, provisioning, service orchestration, process automation & integration and delivery. Social networker with an urge for sustainable (business) relations.

People manager and human connector since 2002. Workshop facilitator since 2007.

Singer, piano and guitar player, sparetime actor, music lover, photographer. Owner of a 1200GS.

CISV Chapter President in Vienna (AT) and organizer of PeaceOneDay Austria.

lifeline-connected to Katharina