Tim Keim


Like many in the growing North Carolina Piedmont, I am a transplant. I'm a native of San Diego, Ca. where mountains, desert and seashore combine to make some mighty fine livin'. But fate and my love of radio uprooted and then I followed the call of the airwaves to both Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada where I worked in radio and television for sixteen years. From disc jockey to news producer/documentary maker Tim capped his broadcast career as Senior Producer at KNPR, Las Vegas where, under the pseudonym of Tim Anderson, he produced the 32 part "Las Vegas I Remember" radio documentary. The series won numerous awards including the 2001 New York Festivals World Gold Medal for Best Short Radio Documentary.

True love intervened in the person of Michele Tracy Berger, PhD., then professor of Political Science at UNLV. In 2002 Michele accepted a position at UNC-Chapel Hill. Neither was in favor of a long-distance relationship, so Tim and Michele loaded up the truck and headed for parts as yet unknown.

After nearly five years, Tim and and the now-tenured Professor Berger are well-integrated into the Pittsboro scene. New friends abound while old friends and family out West remain dear. Tim sorely misses his two grown sons, Mark and Jason, and four grandchildren but has continued his personal growth by becoming a certified yoga teacher. Tim also loves gardening and cultivates gourmet mushrooms as a hobby.

I am a 20 year yoga practitioner, teacher and yoga therapist. I regards yoga as a universal toolbox because it is a complete system that enables us to gain optimum health, wellness and enlightenment.

I've healed himself of injuries, Crohn’s Disease and depression with yoga asana, pranayama and meditation.

“I have proven the value of yoga in my own body and mind. These same results are available to all who are willing to apply themselves to the ancient principles of the practice. Yoga is also an endless adventure which will lead you to the core of yourself which is the experience of pure bliss.”