Timothy Ballisty

Asheville, NC

I am a hybrid of a meteorologist and social media enthusiast. The marriage of weather and social media is an important union and beneficial to the listening public. I'm currently looking for opportunities to write, content curate, teach, and/or create videos about weather and its multifaceted reach into other fields.

I seek out and share on a daily basis intriguing weather imagery and data while also discovering new social media technology; mobile and web tech that can aid in the delivery and publishing of weather information in a timely and aesthetically pleasing fashion. I publish my findings on Twitter and Google+ with my net followers totaling over 6500.

Social media content curation of breaking weather/news has become the norm in website publishing and it's something that I began doing early on during the rise of Facebook and Twitter. Using sophisticated search techniques, I have become an expert in quickly discovering relevant data and imagery during breaking weather events; events that include (but not limited to) landfalling hurricanes, severe weather outbreaks, and major winter storms.

During my time at The Weather Channel and weather.com, writing became second nature as I described high-impact weather events and the meteorology that revolved around a particular event. I answered the questions "what is happening?", "where and when is this happening?", and "how does this affect the reader?" I then continued to follow the story and made numerous updates quickly as the weather event went from storm prep mode to an unfolding story. Examples can be found at timballisty.contently.com.

Easy access to data is also important to me and that's why I created my Global Weather website tstor.ms. International weather stories are growing in popularity but relevant data and imagery is not always easy to find. That's why I put together tstor.ms; organized and easy to navigate. RebelMouse content curation is another way that I make data easy to discover. The Rebel site I'm most proud of is U.S. Drought Stories; auto-publishing of relevant drought news and imagery.

  • Work
    • Free Agent
  • Education
    • Penn State University