Titan Marketing Concepts

Direct Sales Consultant in Knoxville, Tennessee

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Titan Marketing Concepts is a direct sales consulting firm in Knoxville, TN. We offer simple customer acquisitions solutions to large corporations improving their retention and satisfaction rates. We are a company rooted in integrity, honesty, passion, and respect for the work we do and the clients we represent.

What Does Titan Marketing Concepts Do?

1. Customer acquisitions: We understand the hardest aspect of a business is acquiring new and loyal customers. For this reason, Titan Marketing Concepts focuses on the customer base in the Columbus area and our skilled sales team is trained to know when and how to reach them effectively.

2. Direct sales: Due to today's constant overflow of information, whether through billboards or generic emails, Titan Marketing Concepts uses the "old school approach" with a modern twist. We do all our sales in-person because it allows for clear communication and avoids misunderstandings. Our face-to-face approach creates a personalized experience that has proven to increase customer satisfaction.

3. Leadership Development: Because our firm is entrepreneurial-based, we aspire for every team member to come in at an entry-level position and quickly advance into higher positions. We believe on-going training allows us to stay competitive and keep us on top!

Why About.Me?

We believe About.Me serves two purposes for us: 1) To provide insight into our dynamic culture and 2) To understand who we are and the services we provide. Not to mention, one easy site with all our other social media links!

Our team at Titan Marketing Concepts is ambitious, talented, committed, and most importantly, energetic! They have created the ideal balance between work and play. This balance allows us to both enjoy what we do and continue to push ourselves in order to accomplish our motto - "Achieving Greatness!"

If you are interested in a new brand representation, visit our website for more about our services. If you are interested in joining our team or learning more about our culture, click on the social media sites below!