Tariq Mir

Cambridge, England

My name is Tariq - a writer, a romantic, a lover of languages, a theologian, a philosopher. But these are only facets of me. I hope that through my writing, you might see someone even more intriguing!

So, I'm trying something new. An online presence. Why? The internet is one of the most important places on the planet, yet it's not a 'place' in the traditional sense of the word: it's this network of wires and digital data, unseen by the naked eye. But ironically, without living in it, you can't survive in our current age. That's why I'm here: surviving, living, and hoping to thrive!

Life has thrown everything at me: family-politics, long-term illness, hospitalisation, spiritual poverty, the best education, cultural heterogeny, racial prejudice, and the list is endless. I am one of you. I'm part of the same narrative, and yet everyone is an individual.

I started as an artist, and ended up an academic: but not just an academic, rather than a linguist - Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Japanese, French, English - and a theologian - understanding some many thought-worlds and how they co-exist and interact.

Whilst my major may have led me to a Master's in 16th century Chinese-Islamic theological discourse, the lessons it's taught me have been so fundamental: I have learned that the world is smaller than we think, and even more so than it previously was. So, whilst people sailed the world in search of knowledge, we only have to surf the web for the same - if not more - information.

To speak is to communicate. Thus, I pride myself as an aspiring author and novelist. So, to connect this with my writing, I recently started a blog about my writing progress.

So far, I've also completed one novel, and am working on three more. If you're interested, check it out on here!

Looking forward to becoming part of the internet realm!


  • Education
    • University of Cambridge