Teresa Sylvia Nanek

Web Developer and Chef in Carmel, New York

Hi, I'm Teresa Nanek a graduate of SUNY New Paltz, with a Master's Degree. With my father having been a programmer, I was always more exposed to computers at a younger age, so it seems natural for me to have gotten a degree in computer science.

After college, I'd transitioned, at which point, I discovered my true passion of culinary arts. Thus, I'm hoping to start going to a school for that in time. It brings me so much satisfaction when someone is enjoying the food I've served.

My ultimate goal, as it is right now, is to become a private chef in time. At that point, I'll likely offer an education option to my clients, where they'll be able to bring a guest and be with me in my kitchen, while I'm making their food. They may talk about techniques or menu planning or what ever they wish to know about at that time. Meant to help them grow their own skills as a home cook.

Should it not be clear above, I am a trans woman, and am usually trying to aid in gender-variant rights in some manner or another.

  • Education
    • Master of Science - Computer Science
    • Bachelor of Science - Computer Science