Teresa Nanek

Carmel, New Yrok

Hi, I'm Teresa Nanek a recent graduate of SUNY New Paltz, with a Master's Degree. With my father having been a programmer, I was always more exposed to computers at a younger age, so it seems natural for me to have gotten a degree in computer science. I spend my free time working with a start-up company, which I'm at least learning a lot from, but hopefully it will grow into a career.

My true passion is in education however. I know it doesn't pay the best, but my goal is to, after some additional goals have been achieved, go back to school for my doctorate to go into the classroom at the collegiate level, which has much more freedom in the curriculum.

I have some experience at using Drupal, a content management system, to build websites. I have developed custom Drupal modules and am familiar with the ecosystem, so I can hop right into a project, if desired. Otherwise, I may be able to bring lessons that I learned from working within such a large project to whatever I am doing next.

I am also trans*, and am usually trying to aid in gender-variant rights in some manner or another.

  • Education
    • Master of Science - Computer Science
    • Bachelor of Science - Computer Science