Tobias Mayr

TechCoach, Artist, and Musician in Saarland, Deutschland

Tobias Mayr

TechCoach, Artist, and Musician in Saarland, Deutschland

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TechCoach & Music | Tech by™ youarewhatyoulove

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NEW in 2019 | 💫#spreadthejoy

I want to share the joy of music with people without geography borders. These doesn't exist in Digitaly

⭐make an appointment with me to help you using your own devices like you want to use them. Not matter what computing device you have or want to chose -> 🆕 TechCoach

📰writing articles, comments,.. on Windows-related news sites and blogs - like WindowsUnited


👁I am an ophthalmic optician, but I'd love to work in Tech World or Music and in terms of my challenging healthy situation I'm forced to do this for 9 months now in February.

You can read my consumer-focused Microsoft related articels, tweets etc. or you can listen to my music by™ on my new linked YouTubeChannel Music | Tech by™ and in audio format: soundcloud (coming soon in enjoyable quality..?!). For 8 yeats there a plans for making livestreams or at first recordings from my piano at home. Now I've found the equipment for livepiano-video-streams and recordings from 🎼by™

|| when you like what I do, feel free to follow me on the platform you like my content, give likes, abos, comments and feedback are welcome and I try to answer every single messages and comment, say hi, get in touch with me in Digitaly and you can even support me on gofundme, when you truly enjoy my work and have the opportunity to give a little donation, when it's worth to you. No matter what you chose. Thank you ! for every single kind of support 🤗😇

chatting is very easy and interactive👍 would love to get in touch with YOU 👋

would be awesome to get in touch!

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