Tomaj Javidtash

writer in Washington, DC

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The manifest arises from the vibrations of the unmanifest.

I am a writer and a theoretical physicist with research focused on the metaphysical foundations of Quantum Mechanics.

I am an advocate of Perennial Philosophy and write non-fiction books and essays on traditional metaphysics, Transcendental Phenomenology, and modern physics.

Traditional Metaphysics is founded on the irrefutable fact of the primacy of consciousness in the constitution of reality. A direct knowledge of Truth, i.e. unconditioned Reality, is possible for human beings; it is the possibility of transcending the individual order, the lower self, and merging in the supra-individual order, the supreme Self. However, this attainment is a matter of intellectual intuition and direct perception rather than inferential reason, discursive thought, or dogmatic belief. This direct knowledge of the Supreme Self is precisely that absolutely liberating Truth whose pursuit is the inner message of all religions and spiritual traditions.

My writings aim at exposing the common metaphysical foundations underlying the three intellectual disciplines of Quantum Physics, Advaita Vedanta Metaphysics, and Transcendental Phenomenology.

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