Jonathan Green it's not blunt it's very lively very dynamic and when the dentist but the audience perceives that concept I see many times of glittery I among stems and where they they will come to me. Afterwards and say listen this is so grand because I was burnt out with the dentistry that I was doing and this has provided me and you insight but for my lecture but from what's out there. In terms of technology in terms of materials in terms of techniques I'm just one of many who are promoting this so this is one of the main aspects of my lecture and that would be really. Exciting for dentists who are getting restoration in a simple way and had been for a long time that our board may be within the Army have like Dr. Fisher size drill the hole and plug. It up and drilled a hole and plug it up and drilled a hole and plug it out the next brings creativity into the profession felt that really exciting absolutely creativity is part of our lives everything.