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SEO: 2015 Trends And Updates

SEO, or search engine optimization, have changed quite a bit of the last couple of years. In the past, a lot of low-quality and fabricated links could help sites rise rapidly in the search engines. But the big search engines got wise to these cheap tactics and put a stop to it. These days, low-quality links won't do any good, and in time, they can even harm a site's ranking.

What's New For 2015 In SEO?

The best tactic is to get high-quality links and citations from relevant websites. A citation is a mention of your business and website that does not always have a link. These relevant mentions or links look very natural to search engines because it is natural that one site might link to another as a resource.

When this happens a lot, the search engines tend to regard those sites favorably. Also, the search engines naturally favor well-branded sites, and this means that lots of mentions of a company or brand name can also help a lot.

Active social pages can also help sites rank. Even though SEOs cannot exactly say how active Facebook pages and Twitter accounts impact rankings, they know that it helps to have these kinds of mentions and links shared and commented upon.

Meanwhile, good content on a site will become increasingly important. Quality sites have a mix of text, graphics, and videos. This good content can keep visitors engaged on a page longer too.

Why Care About SEO?

Optimizing a site for good rankings can help websites enjoy a flood of virtually free traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Since the Internet has grown increasingly competitive over the last few years, paid traffic is very expensive. Besides, the keywords used to find a site in natural search can be clues to good keywords to bid upon for paid search.