Itamar Davidov

Itamar Davidov (Born September 5, 1958) is an Israeli chef, specializing in the Mexican kitchen, and CEO of the group of companies: Davidov Salomon, Tres pesos and Pitango. Davidov has written for many professional publications including; "Al Hashulchan" (On the table) and “Masa acher" (A different Journey), and has been published in various online and offline publications. In 1992 he published his own cook book “Only Good Food” (Modan Publishing House) and today, besides his various responsibilities, also hosts online forums dealing in Mexico and Mexican cooking. Between 1992-1995 Davidov participated in specially created children’s cooking program, and filmed short recipes for Chanel 6, the new Israeli children's channel, as well as making guest appearances in various Television and Radio shows, such as ‘the biggest loser’. During this time he also worked as a food designer for cookbooks and printed advertisements, and became an authority on translating international recipes for the Israeli kitchen (For example: "Madhur Jafari - Indian Cooking"). Between 1985-1991 Davidov owned and was the Head Chef at Pitango; a restaurant that implemented his first love; combining French cooking techniques with local produce. Pitango specialized in Israeli style ‘Nouvelle - Cousin’. Today Chef Davidov runs professional chef workshops on Mexican Cooking and its implementation in the renewed Israeli kitchen, as well as special master classes called “Mexican Fiesta”. He also makes ‘guest appearances’ and cooks in restaurants throughout the country. Davidov has visited Mexico on many occasions enriching his learning and expertise through various courses and classes on the diverse aspects of Mexican cooking. He writes about Mexican food, its components, ingredients and cultural association.