Michelle Dunn

Montréal area, Québec

Who I am:

Hi, I’m a Montreal based Digital Marketer who connects the dots of her corporate clients for their SEO, Marketing, Communications and Social Media plans and strategies.

I like making GIFS and graphic design and mixing them with QRCodes encoded with data tracking urls, what can I say I love pixels and stats!

During my free time, I cover events as a video-journalist and do as much sport activities as I can. I also volunteer and support multiple caritative organizations. All this with a smile :-)

Finally, having a background in business, education and intercultural relations, was useful back in 2011 when I proudly contributed as a translator for the Twitter platform.

My services:

-> Website audit

-> Assessment report

-> Digital branding

-> Social media marketing

-> Marketing Strategies and plans


-> ICT needs analysis

-> ICT tools referral service

-> ICT implementation

-> Staff training

-> Responsive Mobile Websites Service

"SEO is the key to any online presence"