UAE Real Estate Market

Dubai , United Arab Emirates

2014 has been a year of significant growth for the Dubai Real Estate Market, Real Estate transactions worth Dhs113bn were recorded during the first half of 2014. After the market recovered from a major slump in 2013 and showed upward statistics , it has become a prime focus for investors around the world. A number of good projects were announced and started in this year which will bring sustainability and momemntum to the market and keep Dubai and the UAE ahead of the Global competition. Dubai Marina was the area of choice for investors and has been on the top of the list in the previous years. Other areas in the spotlight are Palm jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence, JLT apartments for sale are also on the list of the buyers and investors. The announcement of the mega project, World Mall is a major encouragemnet to investors who look forward to benefit from this lucrative property market. These kind of projects will keep intact the confidence of the investors and will keep Dubai ahead of the developments in Real Estate market around the world.

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