Ulrike Anders

I have always been intrigued by people and searched to understand their behavior. This search for understanding motivates me to design for people's needs. My approach to design solutions is to address behavioral and emotional matters with a keen eye on context and systems.

I have worked in the realm of Design Research, User Experience, Interaction design, Design Planning and Service Design for consultancies, corporate environments, and organizations in industries such as mobile telecoms, computing, consumer electronics, and healthcare.

Now, I have focused my work on healthcare. Using my diverse design experience, I'm working with organizations to deliver patient-centered care and an improved experience for caregivers and health care professionals alike. I'm also engaged in transferring Web 2.0 principles and the use of new technology into the health care system.

I'm originally from Berlin, Germany, where I have recently returned to live and work. I spent 10 years in the US, which inspired me and shaped my belief in our power to change the things we know can be better.