Vadim Belyaev

Businessman in Austin Texas United States.

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Financier, Money Manager, Investor, and Philanthropist in Russia.

Vadim Belyaev is a Russian businessman with experience working in banking, investment, and brokerage services. Also known as Vadim Wolfson.

Vadim Belyaev's work has earned him several awards, including being named Investment Banker of the Year twice. Belyaev has also been involved in media and entertainment. He hosted his own radio show in 2006-7, opened a film studio in 2009, and owned an internet-business magazine in 2010. Russian causes and organizations are important to Belyaev, and he is a generous supporter of the first facility offering palliative care for children in Moscow.

Vadim Belyaev became Chief Executive Officer at VEO-Invest in 1997. This was preceded by him getting together with team members of the Moscow office of Italtel Ltd that resulted in VEO-Invest coming to fruition. Belyaev originally entered the Russian securities market in 1992. In 1993 he established capital to trade in Russian privatization certificates. By 1994 Vadim had joined Aura Bank, oversaw its securities trading department and ultimately became the chief executive officer's deputy of the Moscow Petrochemical Bank (which evolved from Aura Bank).

  • Education
    • The Russian Technology University