Vanessa Schott


I am a creative mind, I am always exploring new ways to show people the things that I think about in ways that are beautiful, inspiring and expressive. I love Technology and fully grasp the power it has. I work in the Tech Industry in Silicon Valley, I was born here and after bouncing around I can say at the age of 27, for me, there is no better place for me than right where I started.

I want to set this world on fire with passion, expression and appreciation of what it is to be Human. I want to be a positive force in this world while inspiring the neutral and changing the negatives. I want to live forever even if it's not in a physical body, because Life is delicate and precious as well as undervalued. I decided long ago that I am going to spend my Life doing what i want and doing it my own way.

I can always use company if you want join in.