Varatep Buranintu

Burbank, California

{ Sometimes in this simulation called life we are met with obstacles in our path that can bring great stress and anxiety if left unconquered. These obstacles are not here to block you or to stop you in any way! The obstacles are there to strengthen your will and harden your drive, no one can stop you, but you yourself. Go out today, conquer some obstacles with an open mind and a kind heart. Watch the world view change. } { [8:53:02 AM] Kevin Castro: lol [8:53:21 AM] Kevin Castro: You were my good luck charm in ranked im stuck in the 1600s now.. [8:53:26 AM] Varatep Buranintu: ROFL [8:53:27 AM] Kevin Castro: 1500/1600 [8:53:27 AM] Varatep Buranintu: gg [8:53:30 AM] Kevin Castro: GG } { I had a probationary programmer working for me. Needless to say, he never got to be permanent. One day I was inspecting his C code and found this: if ( a = 1 ) { ...some code... } else { ...some other code... } I told him the "else" clause will never get executed because of his "if" statement. I asked him to figure out why. He said he'd "investigate" it first. I allowed him to "investigate," since it had not been a critical task. A day later, he told me he figured out the problem. He said he used an incorrect operand in the "if" statement -- it should have been == instead of =, which was absolutely correct. But then he emailed me his revised code. a = 1; if ( a == 1 ) { ...some code... } else { ...some other code... } What the...? I asked him if the "a = 1" part was necessary and not just a fragment of debug code he forgot to remove. He said it was necessary. So I asked him if the "else" statement would ever be executed. He said yes. I asked him to give me a situation when such would occur. He said he'd get back to me with the explanation. I kicked him out of the project that same afternoon. } { HAI CAN HAS STDIO? VISIBLE "HAI WORLD!" KTHXBYE $ lol test/samples/hello_world.LOL HAI WORLD! HAI I HAS A VAR IM IN YR LOOP UP VAR!!1 VISIBLE VAR IZ VAR BIGGER THAN 10? KTHXBYE IM OUTTA YR LOOP KTHXBYE }

  • Work
    • VB Creations
  • Education
    • John Burroughs High School
    • Burroughs High
    • California State University, Northridge