Vedran Solaja

Marketing Consultant in Howell, NJ

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Hey, I’m Vedran. Happiness is my rich. Inner peace is my life purpose. Health is my wealth. Kindness is my cool. Living my best life one day at a time. You can watch videos about my life and lessons learned with a click on the button above. Other information about me is located below:

Name: Vinny (Vedran) Solaja

Middle Name: Jakov

Nickname: V or Vinny

Date of birth: October 1, 1982

Place of birth: Zagreb, Croatia

Citizenship: Croatia, USA

Race: Caucasian

Gender: Male

Favorite colors: Green and Blue

Favorite brand: Adidas

Eye color: Blue Green

Favorite movie: Avatar

Decent: Balkan, Slavic

Career: Marketing

Certification: Dale Carnegie/Jack Daly

Lucky number: 17

Religion: Love

Politics: Freedom

Generation: Millennial

Book: Law of Attraction

Life purpose: Achieving Inner Peace

Sports: Tennis, Soccer, Team Handball

Languages: Croatian, English, Portuguese, Spanish

Horoscope sign: Libra

Element: Air

Lucky Stones: Sapphire, Diamond

Favorite human: Nikola Tesla

Favorite character: Master Yoda

  • Education
    • Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa
    • American School of Brasilia in Brasilia, Brazil
    • Reverend of The Universal Church of Life