Vikram Katju

Scientist in Columbus, Ohio

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Vikram Katju is a computational biologist focusing on cancer research. His motivation to research a cure for cancer is inspired by the many people he has known who have suffered from, or lost their lives, to the disease. He has worked at cancer hospitals where he was touched daily by the compassion and perseverance he observed in the patients and their loved ones.

Vikram Katju has also been inspired by small but meaningful interactions, including seeing a young son push his father around in a trolley while his mother and her small child walked alongside. Vikram Katju’s work primarily focuses on computational and statistical analysis of next generation whole genome and whole transcription sequencing data. Presently, he is concentrating on a tumor-normal cohort study, through which he compares genome sequencing data of tumor and normal samples selected from the same patient in the hope of developing new therapeutic strategies. Vikram Katju has also worked on projects involving the computational analysis of proteomics data, with an emphasis on mass spectrometry, and also in analyzing microarray gene expression data. To complete this work, he uses various computer-programming languages, including Python, R, and Perl.

In his free time, Vikram Katju enjoys staying active through participation in tennis, squash, and badminton. He likes to expand his horizons by visiting new places, trying new food, and exploring new cultures. Technologically savvy, Katju is an avid Apple user and is extremely fond of his Macbook Pro laptops. He is also fond of science fiction and mysteries, with an affinity for Sherlock Holmes, Continental Op, the Pink Panther, and Star Trek.