Vincent Soo

Prior to moving into coaching practice, he had been working at two Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs). As a Youth Counsellor, Vincent had headed the Guidance Programme (GP) and worked with young offenders. As a Senior Counsellor, he was in charge of the Enhanced STEP-UP (ESU) Programme and had worked with students at-risk of dropping out from school to help them create positive changes in their lives. He is also trained to facilitate the Theft Intervention Programme (TIP) for youths who had committed theft offences and conducted the Periodic Training Order (PTO) Programme for the youth probationers. He has been working closely with the students and their parents to resolve behavioural problems, manage school challenges and improve parent-teen relationships. Vincent has also conducted workshops in primary and secondary schools in the areas of social-emotional learning, bullying issues, anger management, and career planning.

Once an underachieving teenager who had a low self-esteem and lacked confidence, Vincent had struggled in his studies and encountered difficulties to cope with his school and personal life. From an ‘N’ Level student to acquiring a Master’s degree, He has discovered the successful strategies to achieve his personal and professional goals. As a life coach, Vincent is dedicated to help parents to coach their youths to realise their potential and help them to improve the parent-child relati