Viviane Grady

Photographer in Pittsburgh, PA

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I am a Montreal native, who has been living in Pittsburgh, PA since October 2019. Prior I lived in Hartford, CT for the twenty years since my return from South East Asia where I lived for eight years. I am a graduate from the University of Connecticut's School of Fine Arts where I acquired a B.F.A., majoring in Graphic Design and a Post Graduate Diploma in Design Studies from the University of Technology, Sydney. I'm an avid traveler who is passionate about people and cultures. I was given my first Kodak Instamatic with the Magicube at the age of six for Christmas. A Polaroid followed this and then I was lent my father's Konica in 1985 to try out. My father believed children ought to explore and be creative, and as a photographer himself always had a spare camera for me to try out. In 2005 I went digital taking a new step in my photographic approach. Only when I was certain that digital was the way to go did I tearfully return the Konica in 2010, twenty-five years later. During the past thirty-three years, I have spent time in six of our seven continents capturing my adventures on camera. I have had two of my photos selected for publication in The Hartford Courant's travel section, 'On the Road to Morocco', Meknes, Morocco (September 13, 2009) and 'Beauty on Ice', Juneau, Alaska (November 4, 2007). Some of my destinations include Vietnam, Portugal, Sweden, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia. I aspire to make my hobby of photography my fulltime job.

  • Education
    • University of Technology, Sydney
    • University of Connecticut