Victor J. Torres

Passionate about all aspects of early stage start ups. Experience includes mobile-specific marketing strategies and overall user growth projects. Interested in helping build an amazing product experience. 

I enjoy working with ambitious people.

Goals include: Working for, Building, and Investing in early stage start ups.


Quick Tidbit:

After graduating College I lived in South America where I worked for an NGO Entrepreneurial Catalyst program, as well as focused on perfecting my Spanish and learning Brazilian Portuguese.


Personal Interests:

World Travel, Foreign Languages, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Philosophy, Reading, Football Junkie, Coaching, Participating in just about every sport, etc.



"I'm not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it."

-Niccoló Machiavelli



I enjoy getting to know ambitious entrepreneurs. Feel free to ping me if there is anything I can offer. I'm always up for an intro over a cup of coffee.



VicTorres11 [at]