Precious Jewelry

-A jewelry that is only meaningful to you-


E-mail a motif, a symbol or a pattern that is meaningful to you. You can create your special jewelry that is only one in the world.

Based on the motif image, 3 different versions of your virtual jewelry designs will be created for $65. You can view these designs in 3D rendering images and in 3D PDF file on your computer, iPad, and smart phone.

3 estimated production prices will be attached on the each designs which ranges $400-$2300.

14K Gold, + 1 Pointer Diamond, + Pave Diamonds

If you decide to create one of the design in an actual jewelry, we can proceed to make it in your request.

Treat yourself with a wonderful custom order experience through degital device. Show your original jewelry designs in 3D format to your friends. It is a great gift for someone special as well.