Wendy Ogando

Entrepreneuer in Dallas, Texas

Growing up in a large family meant growing up in a small tribe. At home, chores were completed as a team. We found acceptance & contentment even when we did not get what we wanted. Family jokes were rampant; we constantly picked on each other but no one else could pick on us. Accepting responsibility for other's faults was inevitable. At a young age the importance of love, joy, loyalty, support, leadership, teamwork, and collectivism was ingrained in us.

As one of the oldest, I was aware of the hardship and sacrifice my family faced. As a single parent, my father bravely moved us across borders, leaving the Dominican Republic behind to trail-blaze into the USA. His hope was in the "American Dream". My family risked it all simply to follow a dream & see the next generation succeed.

Correspondingly, I became the curious child. You could easily find me sitting for hours with a notebook and pen, excited to interview my family and friends. I would jot down ideas that were believed to lead to positive change. Till this day, I love asking questions, brainstorming endless possibilities, and developing strategies for a better tomorrow.

My name is Wendy Ogando: I am an optimistic, motivated, emerging leader with a passion to witness individuals, organizations, and our global community flourish. Three experiences that have led me to identify learning opportunities where others shy away due to challenges and change are: growing up Ogando, global volunteer work, and multi-sector job experiences. Involvement in the non-profit sector, has enabled me to harness and develop my networking, fundraising, innovation, teaching, planning, and strategic thinking skills. My for-profit experience as an accountant for an AML firm has complemented my understanding on how businesses and organizations work. Moving forward, I hope to continuously find entrepreneurial opportunities that will help positively impact individuals, organizations, & our global community.

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