Wenkai Yang


***I am a manufacture and designer of performance textile and athletic clothes, please feel free to conatct me whatever you like to know about textile, garment, clothes busienss.***

我是一個紡織服飾的設計與製造人, 如果你需要相關服務請與我聯繫.

A designer and a textile & clothes manufacturer since 1997.

If I am not in the office, I will be at somewhere taking pictures or diving in the ocean.

I like traveling, meeting people with different cultures and I also like cycling.



我喜歡旅行, 認識不同文化的人,有時候也喜歡騎單車。

  • Work
    • Apparel Merchandiser
  • Education
    • Vanung University
    • 萬能科技大學
    • University of Alberta Extension