White Kidney Bean Extract Reviews

So what is the next miracle weight-loss dietary supplement out there on the market now? white kidney bean extract.

Supplements with this ingredient claim that it allows you to eat as much as you want without putting on the calories, and thus, extra pounds. Fact or fiction? Unfortunately, very much...fiction. Let's find out why.

Without explaining it to you in Einstein-ese...here is how white kidney bean extract works:

Its active ingredient blocks the pancreas’s ability to release the enzyme which breaks down starch (into soluble sugars) for digestion. The starch is never broken down and dissolved into the blood stream and (supposedly) simply sits in the stomach, waiting to exit on your next trip to the bathroom. So You get to eat as much as you want yet not of the starch will turn into calorie-laden sugars.

What is the problemo with this? Well, besides setting folks up with faulty expectations and failure, here is the main issue:
Blocking carbohydrate (sugars) digestion = blocking nutrient assimilation

Bottom line: if you're blocking digestion, you're keeping healthy things that your body needs out of your system, and that is never good.

And what about any side effects? Um, well yeah- the undigested starch goes from your small intestine to your large intestine and..sits there...and ferments. So you're looking at some serious bloating, gas and diarrhea.....fun!

And to top it off, these supplement is just a crutch- because studies show that once you stop using it, your weight balloons right back up, because you never learned good eating habits. So once you're no longer blocking those starches, the scale starts to say your are heavier and heavier....and before you know it, you're taking that pill again.

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