Wijdan Nassir Al-Dosary

Photographer in France

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A TEFL/TESL certified from Oxford Seminars, an autodidact Polymath and an aspiring Renaissance Woman. Originally from Saudi Arabia and currently residing in France.

To me, life is all about gaining more experiences, learning more skills and expanding our expectations. I have many interests and I am...

-An insatiable reader, I like to broaden my horizon about so many topics but in general I favor spirituality, psychology, linguistics and fiction.

-A TV series/movies aficionado, I enjoy chilling on the couch and watch my favorites, or go to the cinema to watch a critically acclaimed film.

-A healthy diet advocate, I find joy in eating a delicious and balanced meal and I consider dining-out one of the simple joie de vivre.

-A style/mode lover, it is a way to channel my individuality and to express my quirky style, I usually support independent boutiques selling high quality products.

-A travel buff, I really like to venture the world and explore new countries, new cultures, new cuisines. Through travel I gain more knowledge and I understand people.

I appreciate people who have sense of humor, open-mindedness, intelligence, can hold a conversation and have a positive outlook on life. On the other hand, I detest misogyny, bigotry and xenophobia and I have no interest communicating with anyone who suffers from those shortcomings.