Steve Wilder

Executive Producer, DJ, and Improviser in Denver, Colorado

Hello! My name is Steve, and I do stuff with improvisation, performance, and Burning Man shenanigans.

IMPROV: I am the founder, co-owner, and CTO of RISE Comedy in Denver, Colorado, started in 2011. I am the founder and director of Hit and Run: Musical Improv, started in 2006. I work for The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show as CTO, Co-Executive Producer and performer, since 2007. I am Lead Digital Architect for The Virtual Detective. I perform here and there in other shows as well. I've been performing and teaching for 27 years, across the country and internationally.

BURNING MAN: I am the webmaster and content herder for Apogaea, the Colorado regional Burning Man event. I am sound lead for XPAT ALIEN, a veteran Burning Man day camp. I volunteer my time and resources to many different burn projects in CO and elsewhere.

OTHER STUFF: I once auditioned for the Muppets. My Bacon Number is 2. I once had an entire box of fireworks go off under my chair.

  • Education
    • Second City Hollywood
    • iO West Hollywood
    • New College of Florida
    • University of South Florida
    • Kathleen Senior High School
Steve Wilder’s positive energy and enthusiasm brought our team together like few organized off-sites have with our team. Through a short survey taken before the class, he weaved together a masterful two hour program that really brought out the human element in a way that left its mark long after our departure on that day! Thank you Steve Wilder and RISE Comedy!
Rob Malara, Apple Computer
Steve Wilder did a superb job putting on a improv work shop for my team and I. Steve’s infectious energy and enthusiasm for what he does was truly inspiring. My team did not know what to expect coming in to the workshop. Leaving the workshop every single person was talking about how much they enjoyed the experience. The workshop was so fun, educational, though-provoking, empowering and funny! My team is better because of RISE Comedy, Steve Wilder and his message!
Patrick Borus, Chipotle Mexican Grill
Steve Wilder set up an unforgettable evening for my team, and we had a blast! We knew he understood how to take these concepts and translate learning into fun activities. We certainly did not know what to expect, and our team was a mixture of folks who were “very nervous” and “can’t wait to get started.” Everyone learned something and were still talking about it the next day. Thanks Steve Wilder and RISE Comedy for a great event!
Leann Dittman, Comcast Xfinity
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