Wild Strawberry Films

Wild Strawberry Films embodies a firm belief in the better side of human nature. We believe entertainment in all its forms is at its best when it aspires to quality, creativity and meaningful substance. A well-told, good story can inspire personal growth and nudge us toward creating a better world. Do not the most enduring, wildly loved movies speak to our minds and our hearts? Isn't the common thread among the longest running television programs friendship? Doesn't the music that fills our ears, endure longer when it is authentic as well as musical? Conversely, isn't a documentary most effective in persuading its viewers, when it is engaging and entertaining?

Each of the projects we pursue meets this standard. We believe that the ideas that catch fire in our minds, should be worth catching fire in our hearts. From those ideas, we write, develop, perform and tirelessly finish our works with a commitment to reach a state of polish defined by what, afterwards. appears as the inevitable perfection of those ideas.

We also believe in giving back to the community, and so we look for ways to commit a portion of the earnings of our projects to non-profits who are making a positive difference in meeting people's needs and making life better for both the needy and abused around us.