William Sager

Technologist, OTT Television, and Film and TV Licensing in New York

William Sager

Technologist, OTT Television, and Film and TV Licensing in New York

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I am a technologist and have worked for and with some of the largest media companies in the world from Google, Fujitsu, Hipcricket, idealab, Verizon Telecom, MGM/UA, Westinghouse Broadcasting and Cable and the legendary ‘Z Channel’.

I am from Manhattan, NYC and moved to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment and technology space in the early 90’s.

Currently, I am Chief Content Officer for OTTo Media Corporation, licensing cable and broadcast networks and developing new branded linear TV networks.

Founder and raised $5m in funding for ‘The People’s Choice’, one of the cable industries first satellite delivered PPV services, delivering first run theatrical films to addressable cable systems nationwide launching on satellite alongside Viewer’s Choice (now called OnDemand) and Request Television.

Recruited by a major Hollywood studio, MGM/UA where I ran their ancillary TV department. I was appointed Executive in Charge of Production for ‘Sid and Marty Krofft’s D.C. Follies’, producing over 26 episodes broadcast on over 200 network TV stations.

I was asked to join idealab! (the premier incubator lab of startups). I worked with Bill Gross and launched 3 startups: HomePage.com (predecessor to mySpace), ‘live’ streamed the Woodstock 1999 Festival and started a cloud computing SaaS/PaaS provider ‘Frontera’ that was sold to Marc Andreessen’s ‘Loudcloud’ for $110m.

After idealab I moved over to Verizon Telecommunications as a Global Account Manager and was responsible for closing their largest hosting/storage contract with Vivendi/Universal and ‘MP3.com’.

In 2011, family responsibilities required a move back east. At Hipcricket Technologies I designed their mobile ‘SAAS’ enterprise mobile platform, ‘ADLIFE’.

After Hipcricket, I went to work for Fujitsu, who was based in Tokyo, Japan. I created and designed a solution for their 4K ‘cloud’ streaming over IP for North America within the largest CDN players’ architecture (Akamai, Level3’s Vyvx and Limelight).

My experience bridges both digital and traditional broadcast/broadband television, video-on-demand, pay per view. I understand broadcast Internet technologies, including network protocol, security, scalability, video platforms, video encoding, streaming, digital rights management, including content partnerships and distribution.

  • Work
    • OTTo Media Corporation
  • Education
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison