Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Donica was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia as a proud country girl. She pursued her undergrad at Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario in 2010 where she majored in Graphic Communications Management. With 3 plus years experience in the Graphic Arts Industry and her passion for all things creative from paper to screen, Donica is no stranger to the ingredients required to be successful in what you do.

As a Graphic Designer and Creative Specialist, Donica focuses on bridging the gap between the visual, strategy, and end use of projects. Through her freelance work she has had the opportunity to design for clients from Houston, Texas to Halifax, Nova Scotia. In regards to more structured environment work, she has had the opportunity to work along side with the Marketing and Creative Services department and the Students' Union at Ryerson University.

Friends or acquaintances may refer to her as a ‘beast’ or a ‘boss’ - all nicknames that prove to be completely suitable given her determination, drive and overall mentality. As a born leader and humble individual, she continues to pursue her dreams with a vast amount of optimism. She continues to strive for excellence and success in all that she does.

What's next for Donica? Only time will reveal, but I assure you it will be GREAT !

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  • Work
    • Ryerson University, Toronto
  • Education
    • BTech in Graphic Communications Management, Ryerson University