Shonah Stevens

Writer in Queensland, Australia

Shonah Stevens

Writer in Queensland, Australia

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I love to read - I love to write! I have tried many different things in my life, and have come to the conclusion that what I do best is writing. I have written four fiction mystery novels in the past few months, and published then on the Kindle platform under the pen-name Shonah Stevens.

Writing, I've found, is not an easy road. I bare my soul in my writing. This leaves me open to critisism as well as praise. I have to ignore outside opinion and keep perfecting my craft.

Writer's block? I don't suffer with it much. Some days the writing comes easier than others, but I just open my writing software each morning and jot things down when I have a spare moment. The first few sentences are hard, then the muse kicks in and it starts to flow.

The hardest part of writing and self publishing is marketing the book. I'm not a marketer, I'd much rather sit in a corner and write. However this doesn't sell books. So off to market I go, which means learning Facebook, Twitter and all the other insanity!

My dream is still to be able to donate more to my favourite animal charities and causes and to help prevent animal cruelty. I donate a percentage of all my book sales to this end, but would like to do more

I was born in Deolali, India after the war and lived in the UK, Mauritius and now Australia.

I love walking reading, writing and spending time with my partner, friends and my little dog Peaches. I am in the process of opening a dog related store that sells a variety of doggy stuff.

Peace and love!!

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    • Self employed author
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    • Queen Elizabeth College, Mauritius, Health & Harmony College Australia