Fashion Weekly Magazine

Fashion Weekly Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle weekly publication based out of Toronto, Canada. FW has various zones updated weekly and a full tablet and mobile friendly Magazine to look through. The webisode series called the FW Shopping Guide is a must see on the site with popular subsections such as FW Decor, FW Channel and much more.

Creative Director/Publisher Sakina Khawaja and her team are proud to promote and cover local brands to international labels. With contributors and submissions from all over the world, Fashion Weekly Magazine offers versatility, luxury and is available purely online supporting their socially conscious mandate for being an an eco-mag!

Sakina Khawaja and partner Farhan Zaidi run other businesses together as well. Farhan holds the position of Director of Operations for Fashion Weekly. They are the power couple duo behind the magazine who strive for perfection, ethical work, editorial integrity and quality outcomes. The couple are married! They work together, live together and are proud parents of three beautiful children and one more on the way.!

Fashion Weekly Magazine. Live Current. Live Chic.