Athens, Greece

I have been interested in Human Resources Management, Operational Research & Online Marketing. Meanwhile, the mystery of uncovering info and gaining actual knowledge through the data mining process has been so exciting, and triggered my mind as a Production & Management Engineer with Computer Science Engineer traits. So, my diploma thesis was about a comparative evaluation of machine learning algorithms for the development of customer churn prediction models. I have always loved serving people and interacting with them, as a waitress, so why not explore the numbers/data behind them?

Nowadays, I am studying- as a self-learner -data science aspects, starting with R and MLs. I am interested in data science, agile methodologies and UX.

If our paths cross, you should know that I like sharing knowledge that I gain day by day, I am impatient, a fast-paced thinker and learner, idea generator and I am always looking forward to my next challenge. Would you like to join me in my professional quest?

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." Henry Miller

Do not hesitate to find more about me at the links/apps below.

  • Education
    • Production & Management Engineer, Technical University of Crete