Yves Simon

Teacher, Tutor, and Math Content writer in Boston, Massachusetts

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Yves Simon is an experienced educator and tutor in Math, Physics, Science, French, ESL and Spanish and Civil Engineer. He is also a certified math educator at the high school level. He holds a B.S in Civil Engineering and a Math and Physics Education certificate. He studied Educational Administration at the master's level with a portfolio of courses for certification in Math and Secondary School Administration. He has a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. He studied at the doctoral level in a Curriculum and Instruction PhD program. After a break he decided to pursue the PhD openly using personal learning networks, networked learning, self-directed learning, Open Courseware, Open Educational Resources, open learning and educational projects, etc.

He taught Math and Physics in various private and public schools outside U.S for many years. He has also long time teaching experiences in the Massachusetts public schools system where he presently works. Concurrently he teaches, tutors face-to-face and online in the subjects mentioned above at New Direction Education Services and currently develops Open Popular University for open courses and educational resources. He also teaches online an Introductory Calculus course and a Complete Calculus course at https://center-for-integral-development.thinkific.com/

In a nutshell, Yves is a lifelong modern professional learner, academic and social educator and learning facilitator. As such his different hats include: freelance and educational content writer, social analyst, blogger, researcher, editor, web curator, translator, open self-directed learning and educational web content developer. He published a Math manual for secondary school students. His writings are featured in his personal blogs . He publishes articles on Social Analysis, Science, Physical and Mental Health, Seismology, Paraseismic Construction, Seismic Vulnerability, Natural Disasters, Building Construction, Math, Learning Theories and Study Skills, Educational Research, Educational Technology and Media, Instructional design, Open Education and Learning. His blog writings and curation articles are published on Paper.li, Scoop.it, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. He has translated several documents in French and English and currently publishes in both languages.

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    • Currently pursuing an Open PhD focused on open learning