Robert Yarrington

Sand Lake

Grew up in small Michigan farm town, graduated from H.S., got a job, got married, had kids, got divorced, started first business. Employed for 30+ years before being downsized, retired to my first business teaching in the Wellness & Biological Nutrition education and investment industry.

Created 2nd business by accident- moving/hauling/labor/driving, just by observing a need for a cheap service available for low income people and providing that service in my spare time.

Currently in process of starting up another business in the real estate industry and seeking an investor to fund a lake front property I know of to rent out. Thinking maybe to organizations pertaining to kids. ( My late fathers estate)

Other interests I'd like to pursue in my older age of 50+ is in the field of modeling and small acting roles in commercials.

I'm a vivid animal lover, enjoy riding my road bicycle, fishing. Planning on getting some horseback riding in this summer since I'm currently living on a horse ranch.

  • Work
    • Mobile
  • Education
    • H.S. graduate, nutritional and business training via MLM company