Yiğit Can Ertunç


Languages: Türkçe, English, Español

Is. Chief Scout @ Balıkesirspor Kulübü
Is: Leader Writer @ Transfer Merkezi 28.8.2013-
Was: Trainee @ Doğuş Yayin Grubu - Ntvspor 3.8 - 2.9 (2010)
Was: News Editor @ Haber3 Yayın Grubu 15.6 - 22.7 (2013)

Purpose: On the working conditions mutually agreed on their final form, no matter what business it is, I'm determined to complete the job until the deadline at its best possible state due to my promise & I expect to see the same determination from whoever gave me his word with the same manner WITHOUT any re-negotiation attempts.
Milestones (Chronical):
@ Doğuş Yayın Grubu
Article 1
Article 2
@ Different Mediums
FIFA 20 Yaş Altı Dünya Kupası Türkiye 2013 [1/2]
FIFA 20 Yaş Altı Dünya Kupası Türkiye 2013 [2/2]
@ Transfer Merkezi
@ Radyospor (Last Update 6.11.14')
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  • Education
    • Bachelor's Degree from Izmir University of Economics (PR&ADV)