Yoshua Daely

Resort consultant in Bali, Indonesia

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Currently live in Bali since 1990. More than 30 years experienced in hotel industry.

Offer consultancy services: Design Stage, Construction Phase, Pre-opening set-up and Resort Management.

1. Design Stage: Resort Consultant works closely with the architect team to creates and establish superior asset values through story-lines that emphasize blend the unique aspects of property location, smart design, aesthetic beauty and harmony ambiance. Flow of services must be well arranged in-line with guest need, want and expect. Resort design must be utilized as digital marketing tools, highlight resort’s competitive advantage and transform an ordinary stay into a memorable event.

2. Construction Stage: Coordinate with project manager to review and update all architect drawings to match and link with guest need, want and expect. Maximize multipurpose spaces and equipment to save project development cost. Recommend and select best quality and proper materials and equipment to minimize on-going property maintenance cost as well as reduce repairing and energy cost. Utilize construction period to prepare and execute pre-construction marketing. Optimize project quality and time schedule.

3. Pre-Opening Stage: Prepare and set-up a complete range of services in all pre-opening phases. Set opening date and official launch event. At this stage, detail operational planning combined with a clear overview must be performed to ensure a harmony opening and successful operation of the resort. All key personals should be all on-board, resort’s FF&E should be all set-up, management team should be ready to open the doors, welcome and serve VVIP guests. Opening date is a professional commitment and great history moment.

4. Resort Management: Refresh resort concept. Update business plan, set goals and objectives. Establish 5 years financial projection. Manage business functions to achieve return on investment (RoI), develop and establish brand image and maximize sustain profit through guest’s satisfaction at all times.

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