Ramón Lith

Life Coach in Haarlem, Netherlands

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Statistics show that between 35-45% of expat assignments fail due to the adjustment and integration of either the assignee in the workplace or the family in the new environment.

It does not matter whether you are a German moving to the Netherlands or a Korean moving to Spain, you will face both professional and personal adjustments. I as a Coach understand these transitions, as I have experienced them myself.

Your Coach Plus is specialist in (career) coaching services for both expats and it’s partners and international organizations employing expats globally. Providing career transition, expat and expat partner support in Dutch/Spanish/English.

I am a positive and open-minded Certified Professional Mastery Coach (CPMC) and Human Resources professional with an excellent sense of business processes and human relations. I combine creativity, pragmatic and tactical leadership, with an open collaborative management style, a hands-on approach and commitment to achieve goals.