Yan Tsirklin

Sales in New York

Yan Tsirklin

Sales in New York

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100% of the people reaching out to me without telling me why, have their outreach ignored.

After graduating with a degree in Philosophy from Columbia University, I quickly realized I couldn’t get anyone to pay me to think and write 50 pages papers on my “deep” thoughts. Being witty at cocktail parties, although fun, also proved not very lucrative. So I went into sales.

I love sales. I am particularly good at breaking into new markets, evangelizing, establishing credibility and trust quickly. A CEO at a former startup characterized it this way: "Yan, you are one of my marines. I can parachute you anywhere and you will quickly establish a beachhead for us". I currently help US merchants sell more to their international visitors.

I am an active member of the Technology and Business community and can often be found at local meetups and conferences in and around New York City.

You can read my deep thoughts 140 characters at a time via my Twitter handle @NotTheRealYan.

I hold academic degrees from Columbia and NYU.

My email address is my first name at my last name dot com

If you'd like to connect don't just send me a connection request, tell me why you want to connect.

Things I am not into: I am not interested in buying lists, using third party prospecting services, working on the side, having websites built, using third parties to prospect, or trade shows in South Korea (yeah I keep wondering why I get pinged for this one too).

Every time I get a request to connect that doesn't tell me why you want to connect, I will club a baby seal.