Yukio kevin Iraha

Artist in Washington

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Yukio Kevin Iraha have always been creative. His work may or may not be easily understood, but his art tells a story. His sources of inspiration include cultural anecdotes, history, and folk tales.

Iraha has a degree in Fine Art but he has also worked in the commercial art field as well. He has contributed art to some publications and has done commission work. Acrylic is his primary medium, but he has used unconventional objects like antique wood or papermache for three dimensional art.

His art is eclectic and ethereal but his integrity never fails in both the creating and outcome of the pieces. He clearly believes there is a line between fraud and true artform. He says,"I try to express true self. I don't make art to please people, but at the same time I won't exhibit art that's intentionally distasteful."

To find out latest news and updates, please visit www.yukiokeviniraha.com.

  • Education
    • Pacific Northwest College of Art