Yvette M. Bass

Recruiter and Human Resources in Tucson, AZ

Yvette M. Bass

Recruiter and Human Resources in Tucson, AZ

I see you as the Super Hero in your own life, and you deserve a Sidekick.

On Wikipedia a "Sidekick" is defined as a character who spends a significant amount of time as a superhero's junior partner.

In my profession I am that Sidekick. I am a sourcer and recruiter, a coordinator, scheduler, assistant, designer, creator. I can do all the on-boarding, run the backgrounds, E-Verify. You name it. Orientation? No problem! I design beautiful print and internet ready promotional material. I can use Constant Contact, and Robly, and love to edit. Will standardize all web location sites and can monitor traffic.

Give me a new industry to learn and I will make sure to understand each area. I believe in maximizing my ability to hire for each role, which means I need to know what they all do.

I have most recently tackled the Contract Manufacturing industry and all that it represents. What an awesome challenge!

I can learn on the fly, well except where Drupal is concerned (I think my brain melted a little at Drupalcon)

I love the challenge of learning ATS systems, like Taleo and Jazz :) And yes, I will get in the back end if I have access and make it more candidate and recruiter intuitive.

My biggest successes these last few years were:

* Hiring 1000 people into a single Manufacturing company in 2 & 1/2 years.

* Working on the Bay Alarm badge system for a facility with 80+ doors with different levels of access. The goal- simplify. Done!

* Establishing a forklift certification program and getting fully compliant.

So give me a project, something I can sink my teeth into and watch me go :)