Peter B. Záboji

Budapest, Frankfurt, St. Gallen

Peter B. Záboji

Peteris a business angel and entrepreneur who has been a prime mover in the emerging Budapest start-up scene. A Hungarian compelled to leave his native county at an early age; Záboji has lived and worked in Germany, France, the US and the UK, as a senior manager in the telecoms industry and a private equity investor. In 2008, he returned to Hungary, after setting up the European Entrepreneurship Foundation (EEF), with the intent to create the right conditions for a new culture of entrepreneurship in Central Europe. As a serial entrepreneur, he works with and supports various entrepreneurship and angel networks throughout Europe. A published author and writer of numerous columns and articles, Professor Záboji is a frequent speaker at private equity and entrepreneurship conferences.


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The European Entrepreneurship Foundation

The EEF’ regular program of accelerator programmes, ‘e-breakfasts’, and business angel forums have reached out to a new generation of entrepreneurs, particularly in Central Europe. “Once I stopped teaching (at INSEAD) and had the time to look around the region, it quickly dawned on me that it was very much like the late 90s and the dotcom revolution in Germany and France, i.e. youngsters with great, working ideas, but no business knowledge,” Záboji said in a