Zuzana Dudek

Life Coach and Career Coach in Brno, Česko

Zuzana Dudek

Life Coach and Career Coach in Brno, Česko

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Hi, I’m Zuzana, a Career & Life Coach living close to Brno, Czech Republic. I'm also a Mediator and Facilitator.

My job is to help people to get clear on what they really need and support their capability and capacity to arrange that for themselves.

I work with enterpreneurs, freelancers, employees, students, parents, artists, creative professionals and all kinds of people who are in some kind of a change or shift.

My heart beats for Open Air Coaching and Somatic Coaching, for conscious movement and exploration in dance.

Two kids ago I spent a decade working on some serious issues in international peacekeeping and election observation missions in Europe, Asia and America. I still sometimes go on missions now and then and enjoy sparkles mission life.

I enjoy recycling my globetrotter experience in supporting and coaching expats in the Czech Republic and international experts worldwide.

My parenthood project, transfer to moravian meadows and 18 years of personal and professional development enabled me to trade my serious focus for more lightness, joy, equilibrium, minimalism and authenticity.

I enjoy accompanying my clients during segments of their distinctive pathway in integrating their values, unleashing their potential and reaching their goals.

I'd be honored to meet you in person for an indoor or outdoor coaching session in Central Europe or digitally on hangouts/ skype at your place or office.

Check out my profiles in Czech www.zuzanadudkova.cz www.koucovanizapochodu.cz

Contact me at zuz@nadudkova.cz

  • Education
    • Somatic Coaching Training
    • Transformative Mediation Training
    • Conscious Body Programme (Laban Movement Analysis)
    • Charles University in Prague
    • Humboldt University of Berlin