Patricia Graefe

OK, maybe not that long, but I have been making reenactment clothes and participating in various reenactment organizations for quite some time.  When I am not doing that, I make all the costumes for the various periods and also do actual current garments as well.  I am able to do alterations on almost any type of clothes/outfits and repair work on pieces that are your favorite.  My goal is to make your clothes help you look even more fabulous than you already are.

When I am not sewing and participating in reenactments, I spend time with my grandkids, travel and garden.  Of course, I would not be a true reenactor if I did not bake, and from the squeals of glee from my grandkids when I bake, I apparently do a pretty good job of it.  Learning how to use my bread machine more and more as southern Florida is not alway conducive to turning on the oven.  My favorite time of year are whenever there are holidays because I am able to combine both my love of baking (food) with my creative side (sewing/embroidery) to make our holidays most festive.

I also support local charities, such as Safe Spaces-the local domestic abuse shelter; American Cancer--making hats and comfort pillows for cancer patients; member of The American Sewing Guild, making bags for military personnel and many others.  Helping others is something I have been doing during my 40 + years in nursing. Now that I am retired from nursing, I get to truly enjoy my  love of sewing and continue my efforts of making others happy.

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