Claes Axstål

Dear friends of photography,

I like to mediate your vision.

That we do with our Algot System for Airborne Flash Photography.

Our specialty is to illuminate aircraft, boats and other large objects in real life.

We also photograph other topics, with or without our specialized flash system.

At the dawn of the new millennium we brought flash photography to new heights and first proved the equipment for the aviation industry and then of course with the same realism I ones pioneered flash photography of skiers in the high mountains - that was just a statement!

The one of its kind and state-of-the-art flash equipment, which is not only shielded electromagnetically for operation on board aircraft, but also sealed for protection at sea, has a total weight of 250 kg. When shooting in backlight, straight in to the sun and you want to show the subject in a beautiful sunrise or sunset and not only as a silhouette, there is no substitute for an additional and intense light source to show your product.

Word by Jay Miller, co-founder of the prominent International Society for Aviation Photography: "I like to think of Claes as a visionary. No other photographer - much less aviation photographer - on the planet has done what he has done. Lighting, of course, is only a part of the game. It doesn't hurt that Claes has a superb eye for composition, exposure, and subject matter. His photos, no matter what time of day they are taken, are always exceptional, innovative, and masterful."

The Airborne Flash Photography opens up new & powerful creative thinking for marketing of the marine- & aviation business and more.. its authentic photography showing the true reality.

When you realize the advantage with real photography and a bright vision for attention, then imagine the improved company spirit with the enlightened customer exposure of our Airborne Flash Photography.

Click the linkes belov and feel free to get back to us with any questions you may have regarding possible photography assignments, copyright etc.

Thank you,
Claes Axstål / CMP