Axstål's Ski Flash Photography

Photographer in Göteborg, Sverige

Axstål's Ski Flash Photography

Photographer in Göteborg, Sverige

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Hello Friends of Skiing n' Photography,

I started my professional photography career with ski photography in the early 80's and brought flash photography to new heights. At dawn of the new millennium I even managed to prove my Airborne Flash Photography for the aviation industry.

Outdoor & Travel Photography, wrote:

"Axstål, it seems, has brought the art of commercial and studio photography to the mountainside, using flash units and medium format cameras to create his unique images"

"And personal style is what differentiates Axstål's imagery from the rest on the market"

Nowadays my specialty is to illuminate boats and other large objects in real life, even aircraft. That we do with our powerful and purpose built photo-flash-system, the CMP A-System for Airborne Flash Photography.

// Claes AxstålCarpe Momentum Photography

Sweden: +46 708 65 42 42

Satellite Phone: +8816 31 44 77 97

Email: axstal(at)


Clients: Salomon HQ & Kästle Ski HQ

Location: Grand Montets, Chamonix, France

Altitude: 3300 m

Skier: Lasse Hauglum-Werner

Camera: Fuji GSW 690 II

Flash: Mets 36 CT-2