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Dear Friends of Photography for Aviation business,

We Capture The Moment for Your Vision!

Our specialty is to photograph aircraft with flash in real life & full action.

Foreword to my BOOK by Jay Miller, co-founder of the International Society for Aviation Photography:

"I like to think of Claes as a visionary. No other photographer - much less aviation photographer - on the planet has done what he has done."


With THIS photo I like show how I keep to my red line of imagery, from flash photography of skiers in the 80's to present day.


So when you demand a most powerful, unique & distinct imagery for your vision in the Marine & Aviation industry & more - then demand Airborne Flash Photography.

Our photography is the real deal and not computer generated images. Our Algot Flash System for Airborne Flash Photography give us new and powerful creative advantages to mediate your vision in the real life.

Please get back to us with your demands and let us show you what we can, to illuminate your vision!

// Claes AxstålCarpe Momentum Photography

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Feel free to view bigger image:
Above the clouds & Under the clouds

Client for this assignment:
Swedish Coast Guard

Bombardier Dash 8 Q-300

Swedish Postal Service's:
Special Stamp

The CMP A-System

Canon EOS